What's new in Ante v0.6?

Get rewards for writing Ante Tests

Test authors can claim a share of pool decay (% that challengers pay to stakers over time) for tests they wrote!

Time-committed staking

Stakers can timelock their stake to demonstrate greater conviction and alignment

Challenger payout soft floor

Challengers can challenge pools with more clarity around potential payout upon test failure.

Stake/challenge in more currencies

v0.6 Ante Pools support ERC20s! To keep things simple, 1 token per pool (no mixing different tokens). Currently, v0.6 pools support WETH only.

Staking/challenging in the native gas token (e.g. ETH) is no longer supported in v0.6 pools. All existing Ante v0.5 pools remain usable in their current form.

Variable pool economics

Pool currency, decay rate, payout soft floor, and test author rewards can be set per pool

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