Stake an Ante Test

Stake to signal trust in the tested guarantee

Before proceeding, make sure you have read about how staking works and understand the risks involved in staking an Ante Test.


Staking an Ante Test carries some risk (you will lose your entire stake if the Ante Test fails). Never deposit more than you can afford to lose into Ante or any other smart contract.

How to stake

Go to the page of the test you want to stake.

Connect your wallet to the app to view actions you can take.

Click the "Stake" button.

Enter the amount you want to stake, as well as a time commitment for your stake:

Don't have the correct token to stake in the pool?

If you don't have the correct token to stake in the pool, you can click the "Need TOKEN?" link and use the Uniswap widget to swap other assets you own for the correct token.

Once you have staked, you will not be able to initiate withdrawal before the time commitment has ended!

Finally, click "Stake".

You will need to permit the app to use your tokens by clicking the "Approve stake" button before you can click the "Stake" button.

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