Challenge an Ante Test

Before proceeding, make sure you have read about how challenging works and understand the risks involved in challenging an Ante Test.

Go to the page of the test you want to challenge

Connect your wallet to the app to view actions you can take.

Click the "Challenge" button.

You will need to permit the app to use your tokens.

Why am I unable to challenge this test?

Each pool enforces a maximum ratio of challenger to staker funds on pool entry in order to provide more predictability around payouts on test failure.

If the pool has already reached the max challenge it can support, you will need to wait until either more stake enters the pool or other challengers exit.

Naturally, this also means you cannot challenge a pool with no stake in it.

If you don't finalize your challenge, your challenge will still decay but you won't be able to claim rewards if the test fails!

Once the countdown has ended, click "Finalize challenge" to become eligible for reward payout if the test fails

If you missed this earlier, you can resume finalizing your challenge by clicking "Finalize Challenge" on the test page:

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