Isn't Ante just _____?

Ante is NOT:

  • an auditing service;

  • an "economic analysis" service;

  • a bug bounty program

  • "hack insurance"

All of the above are valuable and important to building safe web3, and Ante is complementary to existing security, marketing, and trust services.

Why shouldn't I just code in the tests or formally verify my code?

Formal verification is great but has limitations (e.g. economic attacks)

Ante Tests can make commitments that aren’t forbidden in code but rely on trust in people or external systems.

Also, Ante Tests make these guarantees more visible and understandable to non-technical people, giving more peace of mind to potential users.

Is Ante audited?

Yes! Read more: Security & Trust

Does Ante have a token?

No — beware of scammers!

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