Decentralized Trust Tiers

The decentralized trust score can be used to translate on-chain activity into an easy-to-understand measure of DeFi risk. A system will take in objective on-chain data like funds staked, stake duration, and test quality as well as input from the Ante community, launch partners, and wider crypto community.

Currently, trust tiers on the Ante web app are defined based on total stake and stake-weighted decentralized trust score across a protocol's Ante Tests:

Trust TierTotal StakeDecentralized Trust Score


>=100 ETH



>=30 ETH



>=10 ETH



>=1 ETH


NR (Not Rated)

<1 ETH

< 75

Protocols must meet both the minimum total stake and decentralized trust score requirements to qualify for a trust tier (e.g. if a protocol has 50 ETH staked in their tests but their trust score is only 83, they will be A-tier).

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