Ante v0.5

Why use Ante?

Ante is a decentralized protocol to build the Schelling Point of Computational Trust.
ELI5: Normal apps have live tests to check their systems. When they fail, engineers fix them. But Smart Contracts are immutable or tricky to upgrade, so when stacked together, small failures compound. Users need hard guarantees so it's easier to trust and build upon DeFi. Ante is a home for better tests for Smart Contracts.
ELI2: Ante = Smart Tests for Smart Contracts
Ante provides value to a variety of users:
For Developers
For DeFi Users
For Security Experts
Do you write Smart Contracts?
  • Do you manually check your smart contracts with only off-chain tests?
  • Do you want users to feel confident about your smart contracts?
  • Do you worry about convincing users that your code does what you claim?
Let them verify for themselves, on-chain.

Ante: Smart Tests for Smart Contracts.

Ante makes it easy to signal confidence in your smart contracts with skin in the game. On Ante, developers can make their protocol invariants explicit and signal responsibility with their code, all without third parties.
Ante also calculates decentralized trust scores, which shows in real time how much the DeFi community trusts your code. This allows you to better optimize for success.
Grow your community and build user trust as fast as you code.

Do you deploy money in Smart Contracts?

Do you want to be smart about where you put money?
Ante hosts on-chain, tamper-resistant guarantees about smart contracts. Legitimate projects use Ante to make guarantees about their smart contracts. Anyone can verify those guarantees hold, on-chain.
Ante shows which protocols have skin in the game and have thought deeply about their protocol invariants (assumptions that should always hold, like debt < collateral) across their smart contracts. Ante also computes a real-time decentralized trust score from the community's participation in Ante.
Use Ante to easily compare trust across DeFi projects and to make smarter decisions.
Have you noticed irresponsible teams being cavalier with their Smart Contracts?
Do you wish teams with good practices were trusted more than teams that mainly hire shills?
Does it frustrate you that legitimate projects struggle to stand out?
Use Ante to verify tests and keep decentralized trust scores in line. Get rewarded by the community when you're right. Help start a more responsible standard for smart contracts.
Start today by reviewing live Ante Tests to increase DeFi safety.