What's in Ante v0.5?

Features included in Ante v0.5

Ante v0.5 focuses on demonstrating the basic Ante mechanisms on Ante team-generated example Ante Tests while providing tools for the community to write and submit their own Ante Tests.

While Ante v0.5 has been audited, it is meant to be an alpha release. Please use it at your own risk.

Currently live

  • Ante-Team generated example Ante Tests

  • Ability to import interface IAnteTest.sol or abstract class AnteTest.sol to begin building your Ante Test

  • Documentation on how to use Ante

  • A front-end to stake and challenge Ante Tests

  • Live Ante Tests that have been deployed by the Ante community

  • Once an Ante Test is written and deployed to mainnet, users can use the AntePoolFactory to generate an AntePool that enables staking and challenging of the live Ante Test

  • Protocol profiles aggregating protocol trust information

Coming soon

  • Test quality system (e.g. what makes a good Ante Test?)

  • Additional front-end improvements (developer profiles, etc.)

  • Ante partner badges that could be used to show potential protocol users that the developers have staked Ante Tests for their protocol

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