How to Stake

Staking an Ante Test to signal trust in the tested protocol

By staking an Ante Test for a protocol with crypto, you are deploying crypto that could be lost (based on the results of the corresponding Ante Test) and to show trust in the protocol.

But, you’re also participating in the future of decentralized finance, potentially earning rewards from challengers, and putting your money where your mouth is!

Staking an Ante Test

To stake an Ante Test, use our webapp (coming soon!) and connect your wallet. When viewing a test, click the "Stake" button. Enter the amount you would like to stake and follow your wallet's prompt to submit the transaction (note there may be deposit limits).

Never send crypto (ETH or tokens) directly to an Ante Test!

Only use an appropriate GUI or call the correct functions of the smart contract.

Currently, Ante Pools have limits of how much crypto one can stake or deposit.

Over time, the deposit cap may be increased (view schedule).

Earning Rewards for Staking

Staking crypto assets behind an Ante Test involves a certain amount of risk (you will lose your entire stake if the Ante Test fails), but you may also earn rewards for participating.

Over time, some amount of “decay” from what challengers have deposited is divided between all stakers and eventually claimable (in addition to your staked amount, if the Ante Test doesn't fail).

The amount of decay rewards will vary. It will fluctuate depending on:

  • How much crypto is challenging the Ante Test? The more challenger crypto, the more accumulated decay each block.

  • The percentage of your stake versus the total staked – you get credited roughly a pro-rata portion of decay rewards, so the more you stake, the greater your share of the decay rewards.

Decay is calculated by charging challengers approximately 100 GWEI per ETH per block, which at ~6000 blocks per day is approximately 20% per year.

Decay Reward FAQs

Q: How do I get my share of the decay?

A: Decay rewards are credited to your stake balance. If you started out with a 1.000 ETH stake and earned 0.337 ETH in decay, your total stake balance would now be 1.337 ETH, which you can unlock and claim.

You can leave it alone to continue accumulating decay rewards, or you can unlock and withdraw your stake to exit staking.

Q: What happens if 0 crypto is challenged in an Ante Test?

A: Then no decay rewards will be generated. Decay only occurs when challengers participate.

Withdrawing a Stake

In order to prevent certain types of malicious use of Ante, you must first unlock your stake, wait ~1 day, and then withdraw your stake.

To initiate the unlocking process, click "Start Withdrawal" and confirm the transaction.

Once you start the unlocking process, you will no longer earn decay rewards on your stake.

Once the unlocking period has passed, you should now see "Withdraw Stake" available as an action. Click the button and follow the prompts to withdraw your stake to your wallet.

If an Ante Test Fails...

Bummer! It looks like the protocol's invariant failed. Your funds are locked and lost to you, and you will no longer be able to access them.

Challengers can claim their share of the stake pool for correctly identifying flaws in the protocol.

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