Test an Ante Test Offline

Testing an Ante Test before official deployment

Testing Locally

The most basic method to test your new Ante Test is to run a local blockchain, compile your Solidity code, and deploy the contracts to the local blockchain to make sure that works.

As long as the Ante Test compiles and can be deployed to the local network, you're ready than to deploy to the mainnet.

Our recommended method using the Ante Community Repo: Local Testing

Testing Online

Remix is an online IDE option for writing and compiling solidity code. Bringing in the Ante Test that you've written, you can write it in Remix as an easy, quick option to write, compile, and deploy to a test network such as Kovan or Rinkeby to see if it works.

Like before, once the Ante Test compiles and can be deployed to a test network through the Remix IDE, then you're ready to deploy to mainnet.

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