Ante v0.5

Integrating Ante

Instructions for integrating an Ante badge into your website/web app
Ante badges make trust more transparent!
If you're a protocol team that has staked funds in Ante Tests for your protocol, you may want to show your users that you have skin in the game! With just a few lines of code, you can add an Ante badge to your website or web app to show the real-time trust in your protocol.

How to use

Where should I use an Ante badge?

Wherever your users would potentially gain peace of mind by knowing that a protocol has skin in the game! Some ideas in no particular order:
  • If there are Ante Tests for the overall protocol, you can put a protocol-level trust tier badge with other security-related information on your web app or website
  • If you have multiple vault-like products that each have Ante Tests, you could include the test badge on the vault UI so your users can see the level of decentralized trust in each vault (e.g. for long tail products)
  • If you are integrating with a product that has an Ante Test written for it, you could include a protocol or test badge to indicate the level of trust in the dependency


If you have any questions or are running into issues, please reach out to the team in Discord.