Create an Ante Pool

Deploying the Ante Pool for supporters and challengers to stake and challenge the Ante Test.

This process requires gas in order to interact with the Ante Pool Factory and create the Ante Pool that links with the previously written Ante Test.

Once the new Ante Test has been deployed on the mainnet, and it's address has been recorded and readied, we're ready to deploy the Ante Pool to integrate with the new Ante Test!

Using this address for the AnteTest, use our Ante Pool Factory generator and enter in the address. The site will double check the two criteria before deployment:

  • The Ante Test hasn't already been deployed yet.

  • The Ante Test doesn't currently fail.

Once confirmed it's correct, click "Deploy Ante Pool", pay the gas fee and we'll take care of the rest, this will include:

  • Adding and integrating an AntePool with the new AnteTest.

  • Adding the new Ante test to our webapp to browse and interact with.

And that's it! A new and complete Ante test has been written, tested, and deployed to the mainnet and now we can find supporters and challengers. Now that the Ante Pool is visible on the leaderboard, we want the Ante Test to be verified by the community and get the verified tag attached.

If you want to signal to the community your confidence in your own test, it could make sense to stake your own AntePool.

That said, never put funds, crypto or otherwise, into smart contracts you don't fully understand.

Please read through the AntePool and AntePoolFactory contracts before staking any funds in those non-custodial contracts. If something goes wrong, they are not recoverable by anyone else.

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