Welcome to Ante v0.5

Smart Tests for Smart Contracts

What is Ante?

Ante is building the Schelling Point for Decentralized Trust.

Ante makes it easy for blockchain protocols and developers to create on-chain guarantees for any smart contract system. Users can stake guarantees they expect to hold true and challenge those they doubt. Those guarantees can be checked by anyone in real-time, and payment is automatically determined based on whether those guarantees continue to hold. Learn how it works.

What does this mean?

One way to think about this is that Ante provides “financial verification” for smart contracts. Guarantees can be made about any testable on-chain condition, with payouts delivered programmatically upon test failure without requiring intermediaries/trusted third parties (see some examples of invariants that could be tested). Protocols that stake Ante Tests for their smart contracts are putting skin in the game, staking their confidence in the quality of their smart contracts with their own capital.

What’s more, community activity around a test allows for an automatically generated Decentralized Trust Score that reflects the community’s trust in that particular protocol. In this way, Ante increases trust in the DeFi ecosystem and enables more advanced and secure composition of DeFi primitives and existing financial service integrations as others can later build more complex products upon those building blocks of computational trust.

Feel free to browse through the docs or talk to us on Twitter, Telegram, and Discord if you have questions!

How do I get my project on Ante?

Anyone can write an Ante Test with the 4-step guide below:

pageWriting an Ante Test

Additionally, teams/developers that are comfortable deploying their own smart contracts can do so with the following guide:

pageDeploying an Ante Test

Please reach out to us on Twitter and Discord or send an email to more hello@ante.finance if you want to learn.

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